Credither calculator for credit bureau-free credit

“credither”: Swiss credit broker as a pioneer on the Internet

No bank is hidden behind “credither”, but the financial company “Master Media Group” based in Steckborn. It has been offering financial services to private customers for more than 35 years. The company is a pioneer in online loan brokerage and a positive exception. credither is one of the reputable providers and is known for easy loan completion, quick processing and good service. In cooperation with 20 partner banks, the ten loan officers can often help if other providers have refused to finance them.

Pensioners, the self-employed and credit bureau sufferers are also financed

The prerequisites for a loan with “credither” are classic at first:

  • German citizenship
  • Completion of the 18th year of life
  • The job is an activity subject to compulsory insurance
  • The applicant has not yet made an affidavit.

The self-employed are not excluded from the credit distribution with these criteria. Freelancers, the self-employed and entrepreneurs could also get a loan here. Retirees also have good cards with Credither. Many other loan providers no longer grant a loan from a certain age (usually 70 years) because the probability of death is very high. With credither, pensioners over the age of 70 can also apply for a loan. Unemployed people, mini-jobbers or Harzt-four recipients are also excluded here and are not supported.
The company guarantees immediate processing and the loan approval takes place within 24 hours after a credit check. An instant loan is available from “credither” between 1,000 and 100,000 USD, a side loan up to a maximum of 50,000 USD. The term can range from twelve to 120 months – i.e. 10 years.

Where can I find the receipt calculator to calculate the credit costs?

Where can I find the receipt calculator to calculate the credit costs?

There is no receipt credit calculator or receipt credit loan calculator. You will receive a reliable, concrete and tailor-made offer from the credit broker credither.

Free use and, with high interest rates, financing despite credit bureau

Free use and, with high interest rates, financing despite credit bureau

A credit from credither is not earmarked and can be used freely. It is ideal for debt rescheduling, balancing a disposable amount, but can also serve as a vacation or car loan. Even a negative credit bureau entry does not necessarily prevent the loan for “credither”: Financial advisors often find a solution through banks outside Germany if other providers have long since refused. However, the interest on this loan depends on the creditworthiness and can be up to 16.90 percent – the poorer the creditworthiness, the higher the interest. A processing fee does not apply, credit insurance can optionally be taken out. Compared to other credit providers, the financial service provider credither is therefore exceptionally flexible. But here too there is nothing for free and a loan without credit bureau takes a little time.


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