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On this page we will analyze the 10,000 euro Ultranix loans . Let’s see what conditions will be offered by the company requesting this amount of money. We will also guide you to request a free quote online , using the loan simulator available on the Ultranix website.

10,000 euro Ultranix loan: main features of the loan

10,000 euro Ultranix loan: main features of the loan

If you are looking for a personal loan of 10 thousand euros, most likely the solution that suits you is represented by Ultranix loans that can be requested online. There are several reasons why it may be advisable to contact Ultranix. First of all, this form of funding can be requested completely online . This factor should certainly not be neglected, and in many cases it is decisive when choosing the ideal product. Firstly, in fact, the ability to make the request directly from your home PC is a great convenience, which saves us the time we would spend going to the bank and maybe waiting in line to request the financing we need. It’s not just a matter of convenience: the online request mode greatly reduces delivery times . The speed with which we can get the money we need is one of the main features that are required by customers, and turns out to be a strength of Ultranix.

As pointed out on the Ultranix website, in fact, the payment of the desired amount takes place within only 48 hours from the acceptance of the request for funding. In our case, since we are talking about 10,000 euros and therefore a sum not too high, the bank will not have particular problems to accommodate our request, and therefore the money we need will be in a few days at our disposal. This is also a feature that should be emphasized when talking about the personal loans Ultranix. With the money we will get through this form of financing we can in fact implement any project or buy everything we want. What we are presenting to you is in fact a non-finalized form of loan. This means that at the time of the request we will not have to specify the reason why we need the financing itself, and therefore we will have more freedom than the finalized funding in which it is necessary to specify the expenditure that we will have to face.

At the time of requesting the 10,000 euro Ultranix personal loans, we can choose the duration of the loan at will , deciding on the basis of the installment. In the next paragraphs we will analyze in detail all the steps that will allow us to receive a free online quote , to identify the optimal duration of our loan. There are several useful services that are made available by the company. On all, we highlight the options that allow us to skip or change the repayment installment in a given month. This is a completely free service, which can be very useful in case we need to deal with a sudden expense, so we would be happy to use partially or completely the amount of money that we should use to pay our repayments . By increasing the duration of the loan we will pay the installment or part of the installment that we have not paid.

Free online estimate for loans of 10 thousand euros Ultranix

As we often repeat in our articles, what is essential to do before proceeding with the request for funding, is the estimate. This allows us to know in detail the characteristics of the loan that we will receive, and as we said earlier we will be able to compare different options to find the most convenient solution ever. By choosing to rely on Ultranix to receive the 10,000 euro loan we are interested in, we will have the opportunity to request a free quote online . A feature that differentiates Ultranix from other companies offering this service is that it does not necessarily require registration on the website. This means that anyone can calculate in a few simple clicks the repayment installment and the total cost that will be faced by choosing this product, so you can compare the treatment offered with that of other banks on the market.

Requesting an estimate online is very simple and, we repeat, completely free. By visiting the Ultranix website , the first thing to do is click on ” Loans “. Here we will find a description of the products offered by the company in addition to the simulator, which will allow us to request our estimate. To do so, just enter the amount to which we are interested in the appropriate space, which in our case will therefore be 10,000 euros , and clicking on ” Calculate the installment ” we will start the loan simulator. At this point we will have to choose whether or not to secure our financing. Obviously choosing the first option, the total cost that we will pay will be higher, due to the insurance premium. On the other hand we will be more protected in case of unfortunate events. The Convention Policy , as highlighted in the General Conditions that we can consult by clicking on the appropriate link, offers the client insurance coverage in the event of death, permanent total disability due to injury, temporary total disability due to injury and hospitalization due to illness.

On the same page we will present all the financing options at our disposal. The different solutions differ from each other by the number of installments in which the reimbursement is made. As for all personal loans offered by Ultranix, even in the case of loans of 10,000 euros the duration that we can choose from a minimum of 12 months up to a maximum of 120 months . For each duration we will immediately know the monthly repayment installment, which will be fixed for the entire duration of the loan, and the interest rates Tan and Taeg , which will determine the amount of interest that we will have to pay to the bank and therefore, added to 10,000 euros , also the total amount that we will have to repay (net of management fees). As it is easy to see, a longer repayment installment corresponds to a longer period, but also higher overall interest. This means that if we want to save something on interest, the best choice is that of a not too high duration , obviously choosing a monthly payment that is not too high compared to our monthly salary. Once the optimal duration has been identified, we will be able to choose whether to proceed with the online funding request or whether to schedule an appointment at the branch to be supported by a consultant at our complete disposal.

Installment calculation for Ultranix loans of 10,000 euros: the updated table

Installment calculation for Ultranix loans of 10,000 euros: the updated table

To give you a complete overview of the treatment offered by Ultranix in the case of personal loans of 10,000 euros, we visited the bank’s website and requested an estimate by following the steps listed above. The results obtained can be found in the table below, in which for each available option the monthly repayment rate and the Tan and Taeg interest rates are shown.

12 months € 872.80 4.92 9.78
24 months 447.10 euros 4.92 7.74
36 months € 305.30 4.92 7.03
48 months € 234.50 4.92 6.67
60 months € 192.10 4.92 6.45
72 months € 163.80 4.90 6.28
84 months € 143.70 4.91 6.17
96 months € 138.60 6.91 8.22
108 months € 127.10 6.91 8.15
120 months 118.00 euros 6.92 8.10

One piece of advice we can give you is to direct you towards an installment that is about 20% of your net salary . This is the threshold that regulates the famous assignment of the fifth, and we feel we can use it also in this case as it is an installment that does not overly modify the monthly budget at our disposal. So, for example, an X customer who receives a net salary of 1,200 euros per month , can easily face an installment of 240 euros (calculated by multiplying 1,200 by 0.20). In this case, therefore, the best choice would be the option with a duration of 48 months , which provides a repayment installment of € 234.50 a Tan of 4.92% and a Taeg of 6.67% . clearly highlights the decreasing trend of the monthly payment as the duration of our financing increases. Interest rates also fall when we choose to repay in a larger number of installments. However, this does not mean that we will save on interest , indeed! Considering the total amount that we will have to pay to the bank for our interests, this will be much greater if we choose an exaggerated duration. The choice of the ideal option among those shown in the table is obviously strictly personal, and depends mainly on the applicant’s monthly income.



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